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Fort Niagara (dubbed Fort Hitler) has been taken over by the German POWs who were barracked there during the war. They are now raiders who harry the outskirts of Buffalo and Niagara Falls (though it isn’t uncommon to see them in the seedier joints of the latter).

Niagara Falls is a rough-and-tumble city of vice. Prostitution, gambling, contraband, and tainted alcohol are the order of the day. It is run by the mafia. The only symbol of authority is the Niagara Falls Armory, which houses the local contingent of the New York Guard, but they are only concerned with protecting the power plants and industries. Fluctuating between boredom and terror, these folks are often the first in line for the local vices.

The Governor is attempting to hold the state together from Albany, which is a fortress trying to hold back the horrors swimming up the Hudson River. He has put out multiple calls for reinforcements and munitions, which the Mayor has complied with. Recently, he tried to recall the New York Guard to Albany but Kelly has refused this last order. It could blow up into a full scale civil war, but neither side wants to risk the forces.

The Mayor is in charge but the War Council runs the city and oversees all aspects of daily life. Its members are city officials and prominent businessmen under the supervision of former New York Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kenefick.

  • Hon. Joseph Kelly, mayor of Buffalo: director of Office of Civilian Protection (police, fire dept, emergency services, public utilities and works)
  • William Collins, VP of Buffalo Niagara & Eastern Power: chairman of Division of Civilian War Services (recreation, health, nutrition)
  • Karr Parker, president of Buffalo Electric Corp: chairman of Division of Industry, Agriculture, and Labor (salvage, food supply, labor, housing)
  • Wade Stevenson, president of Eastman Machine Company: administrator of War Transportation
  • William Fisher, president of Buffalo Common Council
  • Andrew Ronan, corporation counsel

Refugees flood into Buffalo trying to get on a plane to California. A lot of them end up working in heavy industry to “earn their ticket”. It are also taken advantage of, with their possessions purchased cheap because they are desperate.

Fireboat and icebreaker: William S. Grattan. (steam, oil boilers, 15mph)

Ice-boating on the frozen lake.

The Mafia purchased a lot of real estate cheap from fleeing rich folks and now uses it to get their hooks into people, offering free or cheap lodging in really nice houses and apartments in exchange for considerations, spying, and other dirty deeds.

Random Thoughts

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