Important People


  • Peter Magaddino, funeral director, son of Don Stefano
  • Don Stefano “The Undertaker” Magaddino, mafia boss (since 1922)
  • Antonino Magaddino, Don Stefano’s brother (trying to retrieve family from Sicily)
  • John Charles Montana, mafia consigliere and politician: 340 Starin Ave.
  • Angelo Acquisto, mafia underboss: 710 7th Street.

Law Enforcement

  • Sheriff Henry Becker (since 1944), Niagara County
  • Sheriff Arthur D. Britt (since 1942), Erie County
  • Police Commissioner Charles E. Cannan (since 1943)
  • Leo J. Hagerty, Erie County District Attorney
  • Captain Joseph B. Lynch, commanding officer of NYSP Troop A (Batavia)
  • Superintendent Frank Zaneth, RCMP


  • Colonel John F. Malone, Jr., commanding officer of the 65th NYG Regiment (Buffalo)
  • Colonel Allan F. Rief, commanding officer of the 74th NYG Regiment (Buffalo)
  • Brigadier General Edwin G. Ziegler, commanding officer of the NYG 4th Brigade


  • Governor Thomas E. Dewey (since 1943)
  • Mayor Joseph J. Kelly (since 1942)
  • Judge Daniel Joseph Kenefick, chairman of the War Council


  • Bishop Joseph Aloysius Burke, auxiliary Catholic bishop (since 1943)
  • Herbert O. Fisher, former test pilot for Curtiss-Wright
  • Chalmers “Slick” Goodlin, second test pilot for Bell
  • Bishop John Francis O’Hara, Catholic bishop (since 1945)
  • Jack Woolams, chief test pilot for Bell

Important People

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