Law and Order

Police Department

The police are responsible for maintaining law and order within the city of Buffalo. They use electric cruisers and have a mounted unit. The police commissioner reports to the mayor and his Office of Civilian Protection.

Sheriff’s Department

The sheriff’s deputies are responsible for law and order outside of the city. They are almost all mounted now, though they have a handful of ethanol powered vehicles and boats. They report to the sheriff, who is an elected official.

New York State Police

The troopers are responsible for maintaining the highways. They patrol them and provide escorts to caravans. They use ethanol powered motorcycles and vehicles and have a mounted unit. They are based out of Batavia. They have their own Captain, whose jurisdiction is Western New York, and he’s been on his own since Albany fell. He generally defers to the mayor of Buffalo but has no obligation to do so.

New York Guard

The state army defends Buffalo and Niagara Falls from outside threats and responds to emergency situations. The 65th Regiment is stationed out of the Masten Avenue armory and protects the city proper from land attacks. The 74th Regiment is in the Connecticut Street armory and is split between guarding the waterfront. They report to the Brigadier General, who technically commands two more regiments outside the city, but in truth the Rochester and Syracuse cities are run by their respective colonels. The general defers to the mayor in accordance to the war council.


  • Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
    • Veterans Guard – volunteer force guarding the hydroelectric plant and Welland Canal
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

“Starlight Tours”

Troublemakers are frequently taken past town limits and deposited (often after a beating) to fend for themselves. Given the weather and other threats, this is generally fatal.

Law and Order

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