Trade Routes

New York Central Railroad

Workers struggle to keep the rail lines clear and repaired. Trains run with full military complements and armed men atop the cars. So far, the lines connecting the large remaining cities (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Buffalo) are usable, but ambushes are frequent and usually involve damage to the track.

Ontario Highway 3

This road connects Buffalo to Detriot by way of Ontario. It is patrolled by the Ontario Provincial Police, operating out of Toronto, and is the primary land route west.

NY State Route 5

This is the primary land route east, connecting to Syracuse and Albany. It is nicknamed “refugee road” because it saw massive traffic moving westward from the Drowned Coast in the year after Serpentfall. It is patrolled by NYS troopers.

U.S. Route 20

An alternate route both east and west, as well as being the primary route to the south to Pittsburgh. It is patrolled by NYS troopers, but not as much as Route 5. It is called “smugglers road” because of this.

Scajaquada Creek Tunnel

This creek is in an underground tunnel since the 1920s reaching from Pine Ridge Road (just east of Schiller Park) to Forest Lawn Cemetery near Main Street (about four miles). It also connects to the Delavan Drain, which runs west under the road to the sewage treatment plant on Bird Island. It is a popular route used by those who want to get into and out of the city unseen, but is plagued by ghouls and giant spiders and can be very treacherous to those who aren’t prepared and wary.

Trade Routes

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